The Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society

Breed Information

The pages on the drop down menu provide information about the breeds catered for by the Society.  This includes kittens for sale, bred by members of the Society, the GCCF Standard of Points (as we are a GCCF club), but bear in mind that standards in other registering bodies may vary slightly.  Also given is the current GCCF Registration Policies for our breeds - please check this carefully if you intend to import and register with GCCF.  


We will also provide general information about our breeds, and links on the pages to other articles that give an insight into breeding, show preparation and history of the breeds.


If there is any information you feel would be of interest or help to breeders of our varieties, please let us know by e-mail from the Contact Us page.  We never stop learning, and we want this website to be a resource for breeders and owners.




There is now one Registration Policy and Breeding Policy for all Persian cats.  Plesae see the link below to the GCCF website that links to these documents.


GCCF Persian Breed Page