The Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society

Committee Notes

Notes of the Committee meeting held on Saturday, 18th February 2017 at Chieveley Village Hall, High Street, Chieveley  RG20 8TE


Present:  Mrs G Clark, Mrs J Clements (Chairman), Mrs R Fisher (Hon. Secretary), Mrs S Kirk, Miss C Pearson and Mrs J Wilkinson.


The Chairman welcomed everyone to the first meeting of 2017.


Apologies for absence were received from:  Mrs J Alford and Mrs C Turner-Russell.  


Minutes of the last meeting had been circulated to all committee members, and were taken as read.  Acceptance of the minutes was proposed by Sue Kirk, seconded by Julie Wilkinson.


Mrs Clements confirmed that the rescue Colourpoint had been sent to France by courier, and that the blind Chinchilla female had been re-homed with the same person that had taken Dina Colledge’s elderly Golden male; both had settled well.


The Secretary confirmed that 60 members had renewed their subscriptions for 2017, with 39 still to renew; reminders had been sent to all members.  Members had also sent generous welfare donations totaling £334 with their subscription renewals.


There were four new members for approval:  Jackie Benton (British SH), Minster Kent; Stephen McConnell (British SH) London; Heather Simpson (HP) Reading and Sandra Moore (Birman) Arlesey, Beds.  All were approved.


Mrs Clements mentioned that Vicky Bacon had sent a note and welfare donation, and she had responded.


Mrs Turner-Russell was unable to attend due to kittening problems.  However, the balance of the club a/c at 10th February stood at £4,121.59.  The show a/c had been forwarded to the Secretary, and Mrs Kirk questioned whether the cost of computerization was for both shows; Mrs Kirk to contact Mrs Turner-Russell to discuss.  Mrs Goff (former Treasurer) had forwarded an investment account statement for NS&I.  Mrs Turner-Russell had experienced problems trying to close this account and transfer to the main account, the statement would be forwarded to Mrs Turner-Russell.  


Mrs Fisher had attended the Council meeting the previous week.  GCCF finance showed a healthy profit for 2016, although the accounts are currently with the auditors, it was predicted to be 10% of turnover.  Non-prefix registrations and import registrations are significantly increased and transfers are at a 5 year high.  Mrs Rainbow-Ockwell had given a presentation on the conclusion of Project Phoenix, which showed a cost benefit of £88K, and staff costs were reduced.  Australian Mists are now promoted to championship level, and the name British Longhair has been granted recognition.  


Mrs Fisher reported on the Persian BAC meeting held on 27th November.  Clubs will not have to pay a levy for 2017, as the BAC’s funds are very healthy.  Mrs Sue Dalton-Hobbs had been accepted as a PJ.  Mrs D Brown and Mrs E Fryer were promoted to Full Judge.  Mrs Devereux, Mrs Davis, Mrs Laird, Mrs Moore and Mrs Pike were progressing through the scheme, but Mr Gow was not currently judging.  A complaint from two exhibitors about a judge were considered to be hearsay, and no action taken.  The points allocation for Persians was standardized across the varieties as head/eyes 40; body 20; coat 40.  The seminar for 2017 was discussed and is being organized for Sunday 11th June at Stockcross.  The next meeting is scheduled for 25th April.


The 2016 show was considered to have been successful, and changing the arrangement for BIS worked well.  However, entries had been returned and an alternative venue with larger capacity was suggested:  Samuel Cody Specialist Sports College, Ballantyne Road, Farnborough, Hampshire  GU14 8SN.  Committee members would visit to check it out.  Judges for the 2017 show were discussed:  Steve McConnell, Rosemary Fisher, Sally Tokens, Pauline Rogers, Isabella Bangs, Caroline Roberts, Wayne Vessey, Sue Dalton-Hobbs, Charis White (pedigree).  Sarah Ambler, Meta Kalshoven, John Fairbanks and David Miles (HP).  Mrs Wilkinson agreed to contact and book.  The date of the show to be confirmed as either 25th or 26th November.


Mrs Clements reported that she has recently re-homed a Red & White Bi-Colour Exotic and a Seal Colourpoint Exotic.  She is taking in a Black & White Exotic and two Colourpoints, and is also expecting a Silver Tabby Exotic.  She has a 6 year-old Blue Silver Spotted British SH from a rescue in Wales, but it is almost unhandleable and she is concerned about the possibilities for re-homing.  The Secretary will contact British SH clubs to seek assistance.  Mrs Clements was pleased to advise that the Exotic Cat Society had donated £300 and the Exotic Cat Club had donated £200 towards the costs of Exotics recently re-homed from the Society rescue.


The date of the next meeting and AGM was fixed for Saturday 27th May 2017 at Chieveley Village Hall, commencing at 12.00 noon, with the AGM at 2.30 p.m.


There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 4.00 pm.