The Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society

Committee Notes

Notes of the Committee meeting held on Saturday, 16th September 2017 at Chieveley Village Hall, High Street, Chieveley  RG20 8TE


Present:  Mrs J Clements (Chairman), Mr D Fairs, Mrs R Fairs, Mrs R Fisher (Hon. Secretary), Mrs S Kirk,

Mrs S Mabey, Miss C Pearson, Mrs C Turner-Russell and Mrs J Wilkinson.


Apologies for absence were received from:  Mrs J Alford and Mrs G Clark.  


Election of Vice-Chairman


Julie Wilkinson proposed Janet Alford, seconded by Carole Pearson, agreed unanimously.


The Secretary confirmed that 81 members were paid up for 2017.  A final sub reminder would be sent to 2016 members still not paid up.


There were two new members for approval:


Mr David Davies, 5 Park Avenue, Saughall, Chester CH1 6DY (Chinchilla & British SH)

Mrs Susan Slacke, Rose Cottage, Newton, Kington Magna, Gillingham, Dorset SP8 5EU (previous member, re-joined)


Both members were approved unanimously.


The Society had received a letter from Gough-Thomas & Scott, Solicitors of 8 Willow Street, Ellesmere, Shropshire SY12 0AQ, with regard to the estate of the late John Richard Hanmer.  Mr Hanmer had left 20% of the residue from his estate for Persian Rescue & Welfare.  This had originally been intended for Mr & Mrs Davenport of the Bristol Persian Rescue, but as they were in the process of closing down, they had declined the gift, but suggested the Society instead.  The funds were expected to amount to approximately £14,000.  The Secretary was asked to write to the Solicitors to thank them for their letter, and also to Mr & Mrs Davenport for recommending the Society as the beneficiary in lieu of themselves.  The Treasurer said that she would have to investigate where to invest these new welfare funds.


The committee discussed whether to take part in Meet The Cats at the Supreme, as there were volunteers willing to help at the table it was agreed to do so this year.  The Secretary to complete the paper work and source a cat for exhibition.  It was agreed to look at more paperwork to display, especially relating to rescue/welfare.

The Secretary raised the issue of the Colourpoint male recently rescued in Scotland by Ruth Thomson, who had bought the cat and was funding his veterinary treatment.  It was understood that the Colourpoint Cat Club had provided a donation, and several individuals had also contributed.  The committee discussed and agreed to provide a £250 donation towards Ruth Thomson’s costs in undertaking this rescue.


Agria Insurance (GCCF partner) are looking at working with cat clubs, which will involve introducing Agria to the club members.  The Secretary to investigate further.


Mrs Turner-Russell reported that the club a/c had a balance of £3,411.66, and the show a/c balance is £426.08.  At the moment there is no need to move any funds.


Mrs Fisher would be attending the next GCCF Council meeting on 4th October.  The committee discussed the Celtic LH&SLH’s proposal for the removal of class limitations and agreed to support.


The next Persian BAC meeting would be held on Sunday 1st October, Rennie Fairs to attend for the Society.


Preparations for the 2017 show on 25th November were discussed.  Entries would close on 6th November.  The schedule had now been received and would be circulated to members by email and also be posted to the Society website.  Jobs were allocated.  Catering to be investigated, with the suggestion of contacting Pam Potter.


The date for the 2018 show was currently 17th November, however, it was noted that this would again clash with the Colourpoint, Rex & AOV Club, and also a TICA show.  The decision to change the date was discussed and it was agreed to request a change to Saturday 9th February 2019 (currently no shows on that date) as the only shows the week before were Gwynedd & Shropshire in Stoke-on-Trent, and a Siamese show the following week on 16th February.  


Mrs Clements reported that she still has the three White Persians looking for homes and had had no enquiries for them; they are being fostered with Carol Smith in Salisbury.  She had re-homed two Bi-Colours, they had gone to Somerset and Nickie Rignall had done the home check.  She had also re-homed two Colourpoint Exotic Longhairs and a Black Tipped British Shorthair.  She currently has a Red Tabby Exotic called Meatball in; he had needed quite a bit of veterinary work including a dental, a rhinoplasty and some work to his eyes.  She also has a Black & White HP, being fostered with Gill Clark.


The date of the next meeting was set for Saturday 17th February 2018, venue Spencers Wood Village Hall (Wellington Room), Basingstoke Road, Spencers Wood, Berkshire   RG7 1AP


There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 2.45 pm.