The Chinchilla, Silver Tabby & Smoke Cat Society

Committee Notes

Notes of the Committee meeting held on Saturday, 17th February 2018 at Spencers Wood Village Hall (Wellington Room), Basingstoke Road, Spencers Wood, Berkshire  RG7 1AP


Present:  Mrs J Alford, Mrs G Clark, Mrs J Clements (Chairman), Mr D Fairs, Mrs R Fairs, Mrs R Fisher (Hon. Secretary), Mrs S Kirk, Miss C Pearson and Mrs C Turner-Russell (Hon. Treasurer).


Apologies for absence were received from:  Mrs S Mabey and Mrs J Wilkinson.  


A further letter had been received from Gough-Thomas & Scott, Solicitors, dated 16 November 2017, advising that they are currently liaising with the late Mr Hanmer’s accountants in order to finalise tax affairs and they will be in touch.  The Secretary gave the Treasurer details of Hampshire Trust Bank for investment of the funds, although there may be a better alternative once funds are received.


The Secretary reported that we currently have 8 committee members, so we have a committee vacancy. At the AGM Carole Pearson and Julie Wilkinson are due for re-election.  We currently have three co-opted committee members (Rennie, Derek & Sheila).  In order to keep to the 3 year rotation of committee members we need to include our co-opted members for election in 2018 as follows:


One to replace Pauline Rogers (until 2019) – PR elected 2016

One to replace Caroline (now an Officer) (until 2020) – CTR elected 2017

One to replace Gill White (until 2021) – GW elected 2015

Plus one other to replace Anthony Wainfur until 2020 – AW elected 2014  


We currently have four new members:


Denise Norton, Lytchett Matravers, Poole, Dorset (joined @ show)

Mr PW & Mrs ML Gibson, Hartlepool (joined @ Supreme)

Mrs Ruth Thomson, Perth, Scotland.

Miss Ellen Greenaway, Sidcup, Kent  (joined with show entry)


All were approved.


At the end of 2017, we had 94 paid up members (15 unpaid from 2016), plus 6 honorary.  We currently have 60 paid up for 2018.  


The Secretary had received and circulated notes of the BAC Review Group meeting held on 29th January.  This gave two options for membership of JAGs (Joint Advisory Group):

A – Every breed club to have a single representative on the JAG

B – The BACs in each group to elect members to a JAG of an agreed size (this would mean that clubs rotate).


It was agreed that for the PER & EXO group, option A was the most appropriate.  However, it was felt that only meeting twice a year would hamper feedback to PJs.


Mrs Turner-Russell reported that she had received a cheque from the RCT for £1,050 for the show a/c.  An I&E account for the show was circulated, showing that the show made a profit of £140.64, which was felt to be very satisfactory.  The balance of the show a/c is presently £841.72.  The club a/c balance is £2,328.89.  There is currently an account with NS&I with a balance of £45, but this still has Marion Goff as Treasurer.  The Secretary to contact Marion to ask if she can get this account closed.  


Mrs Fisher reported that at the October 2017 Council meeting there was a lot of time wasting by a Delegate over the minutes of the June meeting.  The minutes of the October meeting were, therefore, placed on the website since late October, and Delegates asked to send any comments to the office prior to the meeting, to save wasting time.  The minutes were approved by a majority.  Appeals Committee election - Mrs Cullin & Mrs Pike re-elected (no other applicants).  A replacement committee member was elected to replace Betty Shingleton, Sarndra Devereux was elected.  Irene Roos appointed as a Reserve for DC.  When a new breed is recognised, all Full Judges in the section will now go on as a Full Judge, unless they chose to opt out.  The proposal from Celtic LH to remove class limitations, i.e. BOB no longer counts as a class, received majority approval.  It was also agreed no restriction on the number of classes a cat could be entered in, majority approval.  BSH Harlequin to be included in assessment with BSH Van Patterned.  Preliminary recognition for BLH & Chartreux, name recognition for Lykoi.  Judges approved:  Full Exotic Di Brown, J. Emery, L. Miles, PJ Peter Williams.  PER BAC Full Carol Pike (Smoke/Tipped only), PJ Craig Dryden, Emeritus Marlene Laird.  Show Structure & Judge Training Group – there is a new page on website with all info.  Supreme Show had 650 cats in competition.  There was very little time at the end of the meeting because of time wasting, SC gave an update on licensing.  No time for update on IT.  No draft business plan for 2018.  


Forthcoming  meeting on 21 Feb 18  Byelaw amendments.  Rule changes – all cats & kittens must be fully vaccinated prior to going to new home.  Change to rule to remove necessity for 3 gens of registered ancestors before a cat is eligible for competition in GCCF shows, to assist minority breeds.  To allow show management discretion to accept class upgrades for cats entered after show’s closing date.  Exhibitors must request address in back of catalogue. (Data Protection).  Change to 13 day rule so that cats can go to a show the following weekend, but cannot enter GCCF show until 13 days have passed.  GCCF VAC is against this.  Paper ballot.  Committee agreed not to support this proposal.  Recognition of golden Point BSH.  PER reg. policy revision.  Amendments to the SOP for Exotics.  Mandatory microchipping for active registered females by time of 1st litter registration.  List of Business achievements in last 5 years and Notes to clubs & delegates.


Mrs Fairs gave her report for the last Persian BAC meeting.  Both the Persian and Exotic Seminars were cancelled due to lack of support.  The BAC is liaising with Kennel Club over research into brachycephalic breeds and breathing problems in certain dog breeds.  Ed Merchant was going to contact ICC about the recent cat study on brachycephaly.  There is presently around £2,000 in the BAC’s account.  Betty Shingleton proposed that both the Chair and Secretary be included as signatories on the account.


It was necessary to elect a BAC Representative for the coming year, and Rennie was proposed, seconded and elected and was happy to continue.


Mrs Kirk reported that the 2017 show was cleared by GCCF on 12 December, with no queries.  The Chairman thanked Sue for running a successful show.


Mrs Kirk then read a statement, advising the committee that she is now standing down as Show Manager.  Committee members were disappointed to hear this, and Carole Pearson proposed a vote of confidence in Sue as SM, with which the committee all agreed.  However, Sue was adamant that she no longer wished to continue in the SM role.


Mrs Clements reported that since the last meeting she has re-homed 1 Chinchilla, a black & white domestic, a Siamese cross (with help from the Siamese Rescue), 3 white Persians, a Red Tabby Exotic, 2 Chocolate Point LH Exotics, 2 large Bi-Colour Persians, 1 British Tipped and she currently has a British Tipped and Tortie Exotic, neither of which is homeable at present due to on-going health problems.  The British Tipped was tied up in a plastic box outside a supermarket in Yeovil and was suffering from cat flu, he was taken in by CP and then came to the rescue; she is currently working with Macqueen Vets to resolve a problem with diarrhea.  The Tortie Exotic has several health problems and may not be homeable.


The date of the next meeting was set for Saturday 9th June 2018, venue White Waltham (if posible).


There being no other business, the Chairman closed the meeting at 2.45 pm.