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Shaded Silver

GR CH Vonguts Elegant Edition GR CH Vonguts Elite Edition


History was made today when Shaded Silvers gained Championship status with a huge majority vote, and came in from the wilderness to take their place alongside their brother and sister Chinchillas and Goldens.  Shadeds can now be shown in the breed class with Chinchilla Persians.  Although this won't come into effect for 6 months Society Show Manager, Sue Kirk, requested dispensation from Council for them to be able to be shown at Championship level at the Society's own show on 5th November, and this was granted.



Litter sisters GR CH Vonguts Elegant Edition (Chinchilla) and GR CH Vonguts Elite Edition (Shaded Silver)

Sibirica Sweetsensation

                                                                                                                                                         SIBIRICA SWEETSENSATION

                                                                                                                                                         Bred and owned by Barbara Harle


At the 2009 Society show, a little Shaded Silver kitten changed the destiny of Shaded Silvers being shown with GCCF for ever.


In the early days of the Fancy Silvers with varying degrees of tipping and shading were shown.  In 1900 a three-fold classification for Silvers was proposed.  This called for separate classes for Silver Tabbies, Chinchillas (with light tipping) and Shaded Silvers (with heavier tipping).  In March 1902, the three-fold classification was done away with, as Miss Frances Simpson writes in The Book of the Cat in1903 “for the present”.  It has taken the Shadeds over 100 years to be fully reinstated with GCCF at championship level although, of course, they are recognized and shown everywhere else in the world.  Pat Perkins was officiating on the Best in Show panel at the Society show in 2009 and, when judging was completed, asked her steward to bring Sibirica Sweetsensation up to the stage.  She had won her Merit earlier in the day, but Pat asked when were the breed clubs going to get Shadeds the recognition they deserved.  The Society committee listened to Pat’s words, took the matter to its AGM, the BAC and Council, and in June 2011, Shaded Silvers were officially granted Championship status as from 1st January 2012.  As a special dispensation, the Society was able to award certificates at its own show in November, and Sibirica Sweetsensation was the first Shaded Silver to be awarded a PC—it only took 109 years!

Standard of Points Book of the Cat