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Although Smokes were shown at the early shows they were grouped with several other colours in the "Any Other Colours" class until 1893, when they were considered sufficiently popular to merit a class of their own.  The characteristics of the breed as we know it today were (as with Silver Tabby) there from the start, though the knowledge of how to breed them reliably other than by like-to-like matings was only acquired slowly.  One of the most successful of the early breeders said that matings to blues were not to be recommended, though her own writings show that she only tried such a mating once.  Matings to Shaded Silvers was tried, but the results were not satisfactory since the latter are essentially tabby cats, unlike the Smoke, which is a "non-agouti" relative of the Black.


Eye colour in the Smoke was at an early stage, by common agreement, set in the standard as amber, as with the Black, though pale yellow and emerald green were frequently to be encountered, even in the early years of the 20th century.


The winning Smoke in the first Smoke class at Crystal Palace in 1893 was Lindfield Bogie, but probably the most famous in the early years was Mrs H.V. James's Ch. Backwell Jogram, born in 1897.  His sire, Jubilee, was bought as a supposed Blue, but turned out to be a very fine Smoke, whose show career was cut short by ear injuries suffered in a fight in 1894 when not much more than a year old.  Another fine male was Teufel, beaten by Backwell Jogram three times in 1901-3, but placed first six times 1904-5 after Jogram wsa retired.  Another successful male was Ranji and the most successful females Lady Victoria, Minouche, Rhoda and Everton Duchess, all shown between 1900 and 1905.


See links above for the GCCF Standard of Points, current Registration Policy and extracts from Frances Simpson's Book of the Cat published in 1903 for early information on Smokes.


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